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Liquid Lifting


This is a relatively new non-surgical facelift technique used by plastic surgeons. We mainly combine botox and hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal etc). Botox is mainly used for the upper third of the face and soothes expression wrinkles in the areas of the medial, forehead and around the eyes (the so-called "goose's foot"). With the proper technique a slight elevation of the eyebrows can be achieved, making our eyes more relaxed. Botox is also applied to the lower jaw area (Nefertiti Lift) and neck to improve facial contours and reduce relaxation due to the effect of gravity.

And how exactly do you use hyaluronic acid in "liquid lifting"?

The philosophy of using hyaluronic acid in "liquid lifting" is quite different. We don't just fill wrinkles. At the same time we use hyaluronic acid all over the face and place it in deeper layers and in small quantities everywhere. This creates a mesh that gradually absorbs the water of our body and stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in a reduction in wrinkles (naso-nasal wrinkles, lower eyelid wrinkles and pouches, wrinkles and wrinkles, wrinkles) of volume and facial relaxation, without altering our characteristics. Therefore, with "liquid lifting" we have immediate results and longer lasting.

How long does it take to complete the process?

It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete the liquid facelift.

Is "liquid lifting" painful?

The pain is minimal. The syringes we use are very thin and in some cases we can apply an anesthetic cream for 30 minutes to eliminate even the slightest pain.

When can we return to our daily activities?

Liquid facelift is a lunch-time treatment. This means that you can return to your daily routine and is the ideal cure just before Christmas and New Year's Eve. Of course, in some cases, small bruises (bruises) or a slight swelling may occur for 1-2 days.

Who is the target for "liquid lifting"?

This is a method that has no limitations. It can be applied to men and women who are concerned with improving their facial image, do not want to undergo surgery and want immediate results. Generally after the age of 30 we could think of this method. It should also be emphasized that the liquid facelift acts preventively, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and relaxation. Of course, the use of botox and hyaluronic acid individually and not in the context of liquid facelift is still a gold standard technique for treating wrinkles or enhancing lip contours.

How many years do we win and how long do the results last?

With "liquid lifting" we manage to look 5-7 years younger and last for about 1-2 years. The results, of course, depend on each individual as well and can be combined with other conservative treatments.

What other techniques are combined with "liquid lifting"?

Fractional laser CO2 (Fraxel) is a new technology and when applied it causes mild "peeling" of the skin in 1-3 days, eliminating unwanted "stains" and smoothing out fine wrinkles. Also with radiofrequency technology (Thermage, Accent) we achieve an increase in the temperature of the deep tissues without causing damage to the skin, while at the same time achieving impressive skin tightening and long term results. In "liquid lifting" we can also use mesotherapy (infusion of multivitamin preparations with the addition of neuropeptides and hyaluronic acid, growth factors-PRP) and polylactic acid. Finally there is the possibility of autologous fat transplantation after liposuction and stem cells. This technique yields the longest lasting results, but requires surgery and the recovery time is longer.

Operating Time

30 minutes to 1 hour

Type of anesthesia

No use of anesthetic cream

Recovery time

1 day


Massage in the application area for 1-2 days

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